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This workbook has been specifically designed as a companion piece to the book UNSTUCK.  All of the exercises that are spread through the book have been brought together in one place, with room for you to address each of the exercises, list your answers and reflect on the outcomes, in one place.

UNSTUCK Workbook mockup

How to Use Workbook

There are over 120 exercises in the book, each designed at that point in your learning to help you gain insight, take action or consider something different.  To get the most out of the book, then I would suggest that you use the workbook in the following way:


Download the workbook (pdf file format).  If you are returning to the book and diving back into a section, simply print off those pages with the relevant exercises.


For each exercise, read the text in the book and approach the exercise with an open mind.  Be as open and honest with yourself as you can.  Sometimes the ‘real’ answer is not the one we automatically tell ourselves, but emerges from deeper reflection.


Give yourself plenty of space to approach the exercise.  Some may be easy, and some may be challenging.  After the exercise, reflect on what you have noticed about yourself in relation to the exercise.  Moments of reflection can sometimes be where the real value emerges.


If an exercise creates overwhelming feelings or is emotionally distressing, then please stop.  Indivisual triggers will vary, but I ask that you look after yourself through the process.  Please reach out to someone, even to just shift out of these feelings.  It may be time to speak to someone about this issue.  If you feel you cannot speak to someone about it, there are wonderful services like Lifeline (13 11 14) who can have a confidential chat with you.


The exercises are for you.  They are personal and private.  You do not have to show them to anyone.  The interesting thing is that because we change through our lives, if you do the exercises again in future, you may get completely different outcomes.  The answers you give are specific to you, your situation and this circumstance.  Mostly, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer, and no one can ‘grade’ your responses.  You get to choose to share anything with whomever you like.

FREE Workbook

The UNSTUCK Workbook is designed to be a companion piece to the book, you can get your free copy by clicking the link below.