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What is UNSTUCK?

In the book, “UNSTUCK: A strategic approach to living the life you want” we take a tour through what gets people stuck, and offer practical and pragmatic ways for you to get UNSTUCK from whatever it is in your life.

Looking at where people get stuck – at the level of goal setting, by the behaviours they choose, or the unconscious ‘conditions’ that determine behaviours, we see the common mistakes that we all make from time to time, and what to do about them.

Packed with over 120 exercises, the book is designed to support action taking. By actively engaging in the exercises as you move through the book, there is a real opportunity for you to learn, experience and shift just a little, and open a new path forward.

Being stuck is a part of life. Being UNSTUCK might just be easier than you thought.

Phil Owens and Michael Yapko with the book UNSTUCK

Phil Owens and Michael Yapko

Michael wrote the forward for UNSTUCK

UNSTUCK - Testimonials

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Free Workbook

The UNSTUCK workbook has been specifically designed as a companion piece to the book.  All of the exercises that are spread through the book have been brought together in one place, with room for you to address each of the exercises, list your answers and reflect on the outcomes, in one place.

The workbook is free to download and is a great resource to help you on the path to getting UNSTUCK.

About The Author

Philip Owens has spent his career helping people, teams, and organisations get UNSTUCK. He has worked with individuals and organisations in over 50 countries, helping them to ‘shift gears’ and move on in their lives, their careers and fields of endeavour.

From his clinical practice (Reflective Resolutions) — delivering strategic therapy to individuals seeking help with conditions such as anxiety, depression or addiction, through to his highly successful coaching and consulting work in the corporate arena.

Phil sees what needs to change and helps people change it. Training and working with the best in the world, Phil is highly qualified and experienced in creating deep and lasting change. His strategic approach draws on the very best and latest in the science of human performance and change, and his pragmatic approach ensures that it hits the mark.

Now based in Melbourne after living in Berlin, Germany for six years, Phil consults internationally. Married with 2 young adult sons, a Maltese Chihuahua cross, a bearded dragon, and about 50,000 bees, Phil is passionate about his family, sailing, Taekwondo, travelling and continuous learning. You can learn more about Phil, and what he does working with individuals and businesses


Phil Owens - Author of UNSTUCK

Philip Owens

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