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Getting Unstuck With Books

Phil Owens has researched and written extensively on adaptive change.  In his books, Phil brings a mixture of scientifically focused content, real-world examples and a deep insight into change.  These are presented in Phil’s easy to read style. 

“Mastering the change curve” provides a powerful starting point for understanding and enacting change. This is suitable for people seeking to understand change, to help themselves change, or for people seeking to help others change. 

Backed up by “Unstuck” – a book which serves as a tour-de-force of personal change with a strong clinical focus.  It offers real case studies from clinical and corporate settings and is supported by 123 exercises to help you take action to help drive your personal change. This book serves as a deep dive and clinical reference for individuals and clinicians alike.

Phil’s unique approach and engaging style have drawn broad acclaim.


Mastering the change curve

A profoundly different approach to personal change.


This book offers a powerful and readily accessible set of tools and approaches to deal with change.  Rather than offer a method to get unstuck from one specific problem, this book will give you a new level of insight into how to change any time that you find yourself stuck.

Discover the secrets of generating lasting change.  Overcome the many ways that people get themselves stuck and learn what change really involves so that you can make valuable shifts in your life – any time that you choose.

Master the change curve – so that when you are stuck you will have the ability to plan your own path forward to freedom and the skills to act. Regardless of where or how you get stuck, enhance your capacity to create the future you want.


The deep dive into personal change to help you get unstuck

This book provides a deep dive into the processes that will allow you to make deep personal change.  It provides a wealth of guidance to support your approach to getting Unstuck, backed up by clinical case examples and over 120 exercises.  When you want to change but don’t know how, Unstuck takes you on a journey that will allow you to find powerful new ways to shift and become unstuck.  Supported by an audio pack and a free workbook (aligned to the exercises in the book), ‘Unstuck’ provides the tools you need to make that change.

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Unstuck –
Free Workbook

This workbook has been specifically designed as a companion piece to the book UNSTUCK.

There are over 120 exercises in the book, each designed at that point in your learning to help you gain insight, take action or consider something different.  All of the exercises that are spread through the book have been brought together in one place, with room for you to address each of the exercises, list your answers and reflect on the outcomes, in one place.

UNSTUCK Workbook mockup

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