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Getting Unstuck With Coaching

Phil is available for 1:1 sessions to help you get unstuck.  We all get stuck in our life experience, and no one waits for us to take action to change.  It is easy to believe that we can’t do better, but with the support of a coach and mentor, new paths can be found to move you forward.

Coaching sessions are not only about getting you unstuck, but also about building on your unique strengths and capabilities, developing new habits and patterns of behaviour and thinking, and challenging yourself to be better and do better.

Phil is uniquely qualified to assist you personally.  Working over the internet, telephone or in person, Phil works with people around the world in both corporate and clinical settings to coach and mentor them.  Offering individual sessions and packages for ongoing interactions, Phil is an empathetic, insightful and highly trusted coach who can help you wherever you are stuck or looking to change.

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