UNSTUCK – The Book

In life, we all get stuck. It is simply part of life’s journey that we face a challenge that we struggle with. For some people, what keeps them stuck seems small and inconsequential, for others what keeps then stuck is a significant life challenge.

Either way, if you are prepared to approach your problem strategically, pragmatically, practically, then there is a way forward for you now.

This is a self-help book with a difference. It is something that you can return to again and again, each time drawing on different aspects of your experience. Because we all get stuck at different times and in different ways, and revisiting the book, or even just the relevant section, can keep you on track to living the life that you want.

Being stuck is a part of life. Being UNSTUCK might just be easier than you thought.

Free Workbook

The UNSTUCK workbook has been specifically designed as a companion piece to the book.  All of the exercises that are spread through the book have been brought together in one place, with room for you to address each of the exercises, list your answers and reflect on the outcomes, in one place.

The workbook is free to download and is a great resource to help you on the path to getting UNSTUCK.

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