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Welcome to Getting Unstuck -The home of adaptive change.

Everyone gets stuck – it is part of life’s journey. At Getting Unstuck, you can find the resources you need to help you get unstuck and move on with your life.

Through years of practical experience helping individuals, teams and whole organisations learn and adapt, the Getting Unstuck approach is clinically Informed, theoretically backed and proven in the real world to help deliver the results that you seek.

Dive in and see what resource could best support you – from books, apps and 1:1 sessions, Getting Unstuck is focused on helping you make the changes you seek to get what you want out of life.

Getting You Unstuck What we offer


Phil Owens has researched and written extensively on adaptive change.  In his books, Phil brings a mixture of scientifically focused content, real-world examples and a deep insight into change.  These are presented in Phil’s easy to read style.

Mobile Apps

Getting Unstuck presents a number of apps designed to help people deal with common issue in powerful new ways.  Using the power of hypnosis, Phil has developed audio libraries that deal with specific areas that people get themselves stuck – namely with sleep and with their mindsets (thinking approaches).

Clinic Sessions

Phil is a registered practitioner and is available for clinical hypnotherapy appointments to deal with personal issues either in person or via tele-health (internet or telephone).  Phil has extensive experience and is recognised as an expert in his field. 

Coaching Sessions

Phil is available for 1:1 sessions to help you get unstuck.  We all get stuck in our life experience, and no one waits for us to take action to change.  It is easy to believe that we can’t do better, but with the support of a coach and mentor, new paths can be found to move you forward.

Getting Unstuck Tailored Solutions Let's talk about how we can help you